The Veg and Vines conference

In 2018 we held our first conference and in 2019 we are focused on bringing together likeminded practitioners and members of the public.

If you’re interested in plant based diets, healthy living and health promotion, have an interest in business and sustainability of our medical systems then this is the conference for you!

Who should come
We’ll be bringing together experts in the whole food, plant-based diet and sharing the experiences of those who have been involved in this industry. This conference is aimed at healthcare professionals, especially general practitioners, nurses, and allied staff, but is also open to interested members of the public.

Why is there need for this conference?

  1. To raise awareness of the importance and benefits of a plant-based diet and the use of lifestyle treatments in medicine
  2. Connect and build network of practitioners who are interested in this approach
  3. Share new ideas for improving health in Aotearoa NZ

Attendees can expect to:

Participate in workshops (if attending on the Friday). This is a good opportunity to engage in small groups with experts. In order to see who is speaking and what they are speaking about please see the speakers page.

We are strongly interested in sustainable approaches to weight loss, maintaining and improving health, managing and where possible reversing/curing chronic diseases. We are also interested in the role of prevention within the health care system.

Who is organising the event?
This conference is being run by exercise physiologist Morgen Smith and Dr Nick Wright on behalf of our registered charity the Plant Based New Zealand Health Charitable Trust. Dr Patrick McHugh is also a board member. More information is available on request.

Both Nick and Morgen are keen plant-based diet/lifestyle enthusiasts and teachers of lifestyle change.

Ticket pricing

Please see ticket page. There is early bird ticket pricing. Any proceeds will go back to the charity.

Student discount

Please get in touch for a student discount via your university email address.

Other events

Australasian non-affiliated lifestyle events this year

Doctors for Nutrition
The plant-based diet is growing in popularity in Australia also. Check out the Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference which will be taking place Friday 15 6pm – Saturday 16 6pm, February 2019.

Venue: Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Victoria 3008

“The Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference is Doctors For Nutrition’s peak annual event for qualified experts to share the science and practical implementation of a plant-based diet with their peers and the general public.”

Australasia Society for Lifestyle Medicine conference June 7-9 in Auckland. Lifestyle Medicine 2019 will feature ‘Innovation & Intervention, Environment & Equity: the evolution of healthcare’ as the overarching theme. We attended the 2018 conference in Brisbane and it was a hoot! These guys are doing great work in promoting the use of lifestyle medicine.