Dr Nick Wright

MBChB, General Practitioner (MRNZCGP GPEP3), Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (ASLM/IBLM)

Nick Wright is a graduate of the University of Otago Medical school and a registrar general practitioner in Gisborne. In 2012 he interned with Dr McDougall, and at TrueNorth Health Centre with Drs. Goldhamer, Lisle and Klaper. These clinics achieved transformational results, and since he has continued to pursue his interest in lifestyle medicine. He has worked extensively in rural communities in New Zealand, including in Balclutha with Dr Sijnja, and for the last five years in Gisborne.

Since 2013 he has been volunteering on research focused on using a plant-based diet in Gisborne. In 2017 he was honoured with a Local Hero Medal for contributions to charity. He is working with colleagues Morgen, Patrick, Bruce, and others on further research, which is supported by Eastland Community Trust (ECT) and Turanga Health. He currently works as a GP at Three Rivers Medical.

He and Morgen also run free online video programmes explaining the how-to for following plant-based diet at plantbasedvideos.com.

Session: Friday
Topic: Diet: 20% effort for 80% results

This session will focus on what are the highest yield brief interventions for practitioners to use with their patients, with knowledge that can be covered in 5 minutes on topics depending on audience demand, such as; gout, blood pressure, weight loss, acne, appropriate schedules for reviewing medications on a plant based diet.

Session: Sunday
Topic: Say No to Keto? An Introduction to the Facts on Fasting.

What are the consequences of the rise in obesity and our gross failing as a society to even begin to address this issue? People naturally search for solutions, and sometimes they find stopgap solutions – but how helpful are these?