Sunday Itinerary

SUNDAY 27th Jan – Final day of conference

8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast and registration
9:00 – 9:40

Say No to Keto? An Introduction to the Facts on Fasting.

What are the consequences of the rise in obesity and our gross failing as a society to even begin to address this issue? People naturally search for solutions, and sometimes they find stopgap solutions – but how helpful are these?

Dr Nick Wright

9:45 – 10:30 Food or medicine? The roles of lifestyle and pharmaceutics for treatment and prevention of disease

The toolkit of a health-professional contains a range of options for treating and preventing disease – how might lifestyle and medicines be used to best effect? The 20th century saw an explosion in use of pharmaceutics – will the 21st century see lifestyle interventions go mainstream?

Hannah O’Malley

10:35 – 10:55

Morning tea

11:00 – 11:40

Understanding Calorie Density: the Key to Weight Management and Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

Why is the current focus on ‘moderation’ for weight loss is not working? Jenny will cover the principles of energy density and how that intersects with the ‘pleasure trap’ making it difficult for people to lose weight. She will outline strategies for weight loss and as well as tips for active people to need to maintain their weight.

Jenny Cameron 

11:45 – 12:25

Lighten up and Cool this Planet Down (skype)

Dr. Kevany believes that now is the time for us all to be kind to ourselves and each other, to all living beings, and most importantly, to our life-giving planet. This presentation talks about the significant growth in the movement towards plant-based and highlights the many benefits that arise from our lightening up and helping the planet to cool down. She invites you to join her and assures you that the food is succulent and the way of life is meaningful.

Professor Dr Kathleen Kevany

12:30 – 1:10


1:15 – 1:50

OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet

Suzy will talk to her book, OMD, and help you learn how to change the world by changing one meal at a time.

Suzy Amis-Cameron

1:55 – 2:35

The Oral Impact of Diet

Everything we do on a daily basis has an impact on our health and what we eat is no exception to this. What impact has diet had on our mouth and teeth  over time? Why are people’s teeth so poor today? What can we take control of  and what’s ‘just bad teeth’ … will we still go to heaven if we don’t floss ?

Liz Williamson

2:40 – 3:20 Patient stories  
3:25 – 3:45

Afternoon tea

3:50 – 4:25

Can a plant based diet put Multiple Sclerosis into remission?

What does the science have to say about multiple sclerosis, and examples of real-world case studies illustrating this.

Dr Mark Craig 

4:30 – 5:00

Awards, wrap up, future


Dinner and social time